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Love how you're always trying to better yourself. Life in Japan is what you make of it. I've seen other YouTubers that went with expectations rather than just experiencing what may come. They seem to be having a worse time. Edit: So happy you decided to do this. It's such an accomplishment! You better be proud! Edit: yay podcast!! I love them for when I'm running or cleaning the house..

i need more.. i have watched all your videos and rewatched some too ! but i need new onessssss !.

11:49 youtube rewind 2018

Could you make a video with tips and tricks for internships? I would like to do a internship in Japan but cant find a website or companies that would like to have foreign students. Could you give advice like where to search and how to approach these companies? Thanks!.



I think you are fit as is, if you are not fit I don't know what I am.

Good to see some actual REAL battle rappers in this battle rap movie lol

Please don't forget to do cardio.... Run, swim or ride a bike every day. Lifting weights is nice buuuuut what you are going to need is cardio... And buns and thighs of steel. Buns and thighs yah. Movie Watch Nothing Personality Without Membership Mojo.

issuu.com/gladinbamil/docs/dropbox_the_long_road_to_war. thearf.org. In one English word how would you describe that? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hahhahahaha ameblo.jp/nemusuriha/entry-12437083240.html

Hey, as not that many comments about how to actually prepare for the bike trip - feel free to drop a message and can give you my bf and his friend's contacts. They are doing 3k eurotrips and cycling mountains in the recent years quite regularly. We are getting ready for the next year's 1.5k trip now. Though half of the time of the preparation we will be in Japan. So if something we can support you for some part there ;) Feel free to comment on this comment and we can see :).



Being force fed grasshoppers by Japanese girls in samurai armor is my fetish. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

I'm pretty fascinated with the card game. I can't think of a western counterpart to it; I think it'd be a great game to play with the kids. Hrmmmm...business opportunity perhaps?.

issuu.com/tutabsysol/docs/serenity. https://thearf.org/forums/topic/100-poems-for-stella-dailymotion/. Amazing channel bud. I'm a fellow Brit living in Japan. I found your channel quite an inspiration. I'm a Musician in Tokyo and have started Vlogging recently. If you're ever in town and fancy getting together for a beer or doing some Vlogging together that would be great. You actually remind me a lot of my best mate Si back home in Bristol. Same sense of humour. Haha. Feel free to check a couple of Vlogs on my channel. There's a couple of me and my Japanese band playing at the Rising Sun Rock Festival in Hokkaido which are quite good fun. They are a bit rough around the edges at the moment but getting better. Need to get a bit more humour on them. If you ever want some music for your channel just let me know. I've released a couple of albums and got two more releasing this year. Cheers, Andrew.

Marmite... you are an evil evil man. Awesome, but evil.

http://yaplog.jp/gumonomita/archive/1 I am pretty sure the British media is trying to push this Chris Broad character out to replace Mr Bean in one day. So he pretends to work overseas in Japan and learns the language, but in fact he knows how to speak it fluently. I suspect he has a professional team behind him doing the camera work and editing. No doubt about that, even though he denies it ...But he is fuck.king ridiculously humorous... with that pitbull British accent ... Hey Chris, hope you are not offended by that. Btw, please listen to my music on my channel, especially the one called Ultra, Mega, Super ... because your channel is ultra mega and super cool. Use the music whenever you like... Thanks! best regards, VH.

Glad to see you posting again. I believe in you and that you'll be ready for your trip in 3 months! :) I look forward to watching your trek! :) They made Grind Time The Movie. I like the Lush One parody. https://ameblo.jp/bonbunesa/entry-12436947370.html 1:52 this guy seems the next papa doc.

I know you were apprehensive about filming this one, but I have to say it came out really well. As entertaining as any Japanese game/prank show, but done in the unique style of Abroad in Japan. Well done!.

まじで?? Is the actual Natsuki behind this channel?? :O

Who's here before a million views? Let's gather here

I had feared your channel was being absorbed by that weird girl that forces you to eat weird food

Relive Download Free Torrents Without Membership https://thearf.org/forums/topic/my-freshman-year-subtitles-english-nederlands-24-frame-rate-33/. romiomono.exblog.jp/27974089/ Quality seppuku joke



😧 I cannot believe you actually ate grasshoppers . . . seppuku for me please. #respect . . . Marmite can’t really be that terrible, can it? Jesus Christ... Good luck to you and I look forward to seeing your progress!


Hey man you can do it. I’m excited to see what your journey will be like. Makes me want to do it when i go to Japan to study. You got it bro! Clever move by the Samurai Girls in having Ryokaro try Marmite. Certainly caught them by surprise. I have t admit, though, that I was a little concerned when a Samurai Girl was trying to eat black licorice, as she was having some problems.. thearf.org/forums/topic/online-mac-os-happy-birthday

Chris have you thought about making this a charity ride? I'd personally love to support you and more frequent videos on your channel, and for some of that money to go towards a charity would be even better! Keep up the great work, Good luck!.


Guns aimed on MGK - Huge WIN! Venom song - Win! New 8 Mile after 16 years - WHERE I CAN PREORDER TICKETS? I am so excited for this Journey, it’s gonna be a hell of ride, glad I’m not on the actual bike, Goodluck Chris the JaYoe Nation cycled across Japan so check his vids!


Eyyy, I just got back to england after a year cycling across/around Japan as well I'm so excited for you, I'm sure it'll be so much fun! Just a heads up though, you are not allowed to cycle across the Akashi Bridge! When I got to that stage I took a ferry from Wakayama to Tokushima! I don't know If you'll even see this but feel free to ask if you need any tips!.

Lol Chris seems so competitive. Thumbs up just for Beautiful Karl Marx, my papa. They all banged after this Natto is awesome though thearf.org This is bloody BRILLIANT! Ta!! LOLOLOL I’m a new viewer, and I haven’t been able to stop watching your videos since I first discovered you a few days ago. I’m so excited to have joined the community at the perfect moment, and I can’t wait to see your journey through japan, as well as all of the other videos you have planned!.

Katt Williams: Great America

damn know I want to eat liquorice!

I love Marmite but even I agree that was a ludicrous amount!

There is no water.

Japanese people hate rootbeer? I don't...I don't know if I can visit there anymore...

It's been a while since this has been uploaded, but I will say this much, Chris: if you want to give a Japanese person a good root beer, I would not recommend A&W; or Barq's, for that matter. I would either recommend Mug Root Beer or Sprecher Root Beer. Both are a bit sweeter than A&W and Barq's, and much more palatable (at least, to this American's palate; I don't know if Japanese people are into sweet stuff as much as we are over here)..

3 months to prepare for a month long 2000Km tour? Absolutely doable. It's only an average of 67Km per day. Forget the weights and buy yourself one of those inflatable exercise balls that you can sit on. Your core muscle strength is more important than arm strength for comfort and injury prevention. Bike wise, get one from a reputable dealer that can set you up with one that actually fits you properly, and get it early. Considering Japanese terrain, go for a bike with a compact chainset and a good spread of sprockets. Then again, a good dealer will point you in the right direction if you tell them your plans. Given the deadly weather Japan is suffering, if I was you I'd get an indoor trainer to use with the bike and whack the aircon to max. Cardio routines can be long and boring, so put a good movie on the telly to watch at the same time.Again, the bike dealer should be able to help with the trainer..

You rock Eminem





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